Don’t Daisy Chain your Online Accounts!

2 Step VerificationDo you ever use the same password for multiple websites?

We all do this out of necessity. Who can remember umpteen passwords right?

Using the same password for multiple websites weakens your password and makes it easier to steal.

Signing in to Gmail from a public computer or someone else’s computer can also get your password hacked!

There are dozens of horror stories out there recounting the havoc just such hacking has reeked on today’s digital life!
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Google to the rescue!

Google’s 2-Step Verification can help protect your account even if your password is stolen or cracked.

Setting up 2-Step Verification requires you to login into your Google account and request a verification code be sent to your phone. You then enter the verification code online to login into your account. There is a 30 day option which permits you to log in for 30 days without requesting a new code each time.

The premise of the 2-Step Verification is a hacker would need to know your password and have access to your phone in order to break into your account.

Here’s a great video from Google on how to turn on this great security feature:

Take the time now to be sure you’re not the next victim of hackers!