Website, Database & Email Hosting

Are you looking for reliable and easily accessible web and email hosting?

Our web and email hosting package offers website owners  a wide range of solutions from basic web presence and communications to database driven websites.

We provide:

  • Web and email hosting on Unix and Windows
    • Unix platform services are provided by Apache, PHP, MySQL Perl
    • Windows is serviced by Microsoft’s IIS with MSSQL, MySQL, PHP and supports ASP
  • phpMyAdmin provides access to MySQL databases
  • Shared secure server (https) is available for secure form data entry
  • Outlook access is provided by POP3 and IMAP
  • Authenticated SMTP is provided for laptop users to send email from any connection to the internet

Hosting Package:

  • 10 email accounts
  • Unlimited aliases and forwarding
  • 100mb of web storage space
$140 annually
Note: Sub domains hosted for $35/yr


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