Google+ Pages – Are They For Your Business?

Here’s the WHO – WHAT- WHERE – WHY – WHEN and HOW TO when it comes to Google+ Pages for your business.

What is a Google+ Page?
If you’re not already familiar with Google+, it’s a social media platform that allows you to group your “friends” into Circles. Unlike Facebook where all your “friends” are lumped together, Circles let you divide your contacts into Friends, Colleagues, Family, etc. People can be part of more than one of your Circles – it’s up to you. Share things with the appropriate Circle and no need to worry about your boss seeing last weekend’s party!

The basics of Google+

Google+ Pages are for businesses. Your page, profile image and recent posts are eligible to show up on the right-hand side of a relevant Google search. People can follow your Google+ Pages. Relevant posts can also show up within search results for your pages’ followers.

Why should you be on Google+ Pages?
One of the most basic reasons is Google+ integrates with all other Google services like Search, Google Places, Google Maps etc.  By creating and maintaining a Google+ Page you will likely see an SEO boost.  If your business is more a “brick and mortar” type with a Google Places page, having a Google+ Page will help add valuable information to your Places page.

Where will your Google+ Page show up?
Besides the already mentioned relevant Google searches, when you connect your website to your Google+ Page searches for your site can display links to any recent Google+ posts.

Who is on Google+?
According to Circle Count, a company that tracks Google+ activity worldwide, the United States, India and Brazil have the most users and those users are typically students, developers, engineers, designers and photographers. But more important is the fact that anyone who is logged into Google (eg. Gmail, YouTube) will have their search results personalized and if they or any of their Circle friends have shared your Google+ page your site would be at an advantage for outranking your competition!

When was Google+ Pages launched?
November 7, 2011. Time to join the Circle!

How to create your Google+ Page.
First you need to have a Google account. If you don’t follow this link:

Next create a Google+ Page ( Add your company name and images to customize your page. Then, tell visitors more about your company by completing the “About” section. Be sure to including your website and a detailed description. This can help customers find you across Google.

Don’t forget:

  • link your Google+ Page on your website
  • encourage people to share your Google+ content
  • let people see recommendations from friends and colleagues

Visit our Google + Page and add us to your circle!


What is a Content Management System?

Content Management System (CMS) is a way for the pages of a website to be organized which allows easy access to make changes without knowing computer programming languages.

The importance of regular updates is vital to the success of your website!

Content Management Systems provide:

  • The ability to access and work on your website from any computer
  • Editing and updates to your website by more than one person
  • Easy uploading of photos and videos
  • Decrease website management costs

Examples of Content Management Systems:

  • WordPress*
  • Joomla
  • Drupal

*This website uses WordPress

Let us show you what a CMS can do for your website!

What are QR Codes?

Scanning QR code with mobile phoneWhat are those crooked little black and white squares we’re seeing on store windows, magazines, packages…just about everywhere we look?

They’re called QR codes – QR standing for “quick response”.

They require a QR reader on a smartphone to decipher and typically lead to a page on the web with valuable information about a product, service or even an event.

As a means of mobile marketing, QR codes represent an opportunity for businesses to directly promote to their target audience. According to a comScore survey 6.2% of smartphone users scan QR codes. This may sound like an insignificant number but keep in mind many businesses find Twitter has increased their business and Twitter touts only a 13% share of people using the web.

The demographic of those scanning a QR code with their smartphone is typically be male, between the ages of 25 to 34 and an upper income bracket.

[Read the comSource report]

Could your business take advantage of a QR code?

Here are five tips to consider:

1. Offer something of value

Don’t use a QR code to send users to your website’s homepage. Create a landing page specifically for that QR code and offer something unique that isn’t available on your site

  • a video
  • a contest
  • a free report

Customize the offering for your market. If stay-at-home moms are your target, a fun contest might work. A free report would appeal to business executives. Be creative!

2. Include a Call To Action

Don’t rely on people’s curiosity! Not everyone will automatically scan your QR code. Remember to include the benefit the user will receive.

3. Help users read the QR code

These codes are relatively new so include some directions, like where to go to download a QR reader or hints on how to successfully scan the code.

4. Get a QR code

Creating the actual QR code is simple. Google has a free QR code generator. Simply enter the URL that you want users to visit and it produces the code.

[Get the Google QR Code Generator]

5. Place the QR code everywhere

Nowadays people always have their smartphones with them so don’t limit your QR codes placement to print. Think about taking advantage of your store windows, your business cards, direct mailers, packaging, on your receipts and bills.

Now that you know what QR codes are and why you should have one, get busy and create one for your business!

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