How Can I Speed Up My Computer?

There are many possible causes of computer slowdown including

  • large temp file directories
  • viruses
  • multiple antivirus/antispyware utilities running at the same time
  • too little memory (ram)

Note: Most functions are loaded through All Programs/Startup and the system registry (regedit)

Unfortunately there is no fixed solution or method to address all the permutations without experience but there are a couple of things everyone can try.

1. Check memory/ram on your computer

  • Click Start
  • Right click on Computer
  • Then click Properties

Note: We recommend at least 768mb for xp, 1.5gb for Vista and 3gb for windows 7. Starter versions of win7 may run well with 1-2vb of ram.

2. Clean your temp files

  • Click Start, Run, enter %TEMP%
  • Click OK

All the temp files for your login will appear on the right.

  • Right click on the right, press ctrl-A to select all files
  • Press Del to delete them
  • Next navigate to the \Windows folder on the left
  • Find the temp folder
  • Right click on the temp folder, press ctrl-A to select all
  • Press Del to delete them

IMPORTANT! Be SURE you are in the windows\temp folder. If you delete the files in the \windows folder your computer will shut down and not restart.