How To Set Up Your iPhone to Receive Email

Follow these steps to configure your iPhone to receive email


> Mail, Contacts, Calendars

>Add Account >Other

>Add Mail Account

>Name (your name)

>Email (the email address you will use to receive email)

>Password (the password associated with this email address)

>Description (choose a name to remember this account by)


>IMAP (works with email on the server)

>POP (downloads email to the phone)

(for both incoming and outgoing servers below)

>Host Name – is

>User Name (your email address)

>Password: (the password associated with this email address)


>Cannot Connect Using SSL. Try without? – answer is Yes

(our servers require authenticated SMTP without SSL)

If you have another computer that downloads email and removes it from the server you will want to change the settings so that it will leave a copy of email on the server for 5-14 days. POP downloads email to the phone which is what most computers using Outlook or Thunderbird do by default. Leaving a copy on the server for a while gives the phone a chance to see the email before it is removed by the computer – typically 5 days is ample. IMAP works with copies of what is on the server so 14 days is typically more appropriate than a shallow 5 day view of your email.

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